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Admission Open for NATA 2018 - One month short term course & IIT - JEE - B.Arch 2018 Crash course

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Admissions open for Weekend Course to NATA coaching 2018.Call to register.

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- 45 Days NATA Intensive Course

- One Month Short Term Course

- 15 Days Crash Course

- One Week Rapid Course

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- 03 Months Weekend Course

- 06 Months Weekend Course

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“Best NATA Coaching in INDIA”

How do we claim this BRAND?

Read the 10 points of success of APTOINN nata coaching

  1. Aptoinn is a organization founded “BY ARCHITECTS, TO MAKE ARCHITECTS”
  2. Aptoinn is exclusively doing only NATA coaching & Architecture related studies & hence densely refined & expertised in the best coaching methods.
  3. Aptoinn is an 13+ year experienced in the field of architecture aptitude coaching.  ( AFTER 3 POINTS PLEASE GIVE READ MORE OPTION TO OPEN DOWN THE FULL READING)
  4. “Aptoinn nata coaching is the only known nata high score coaching in india” Says not us, our history of records of successful Results.
  5. Aptoinn is best in producing high NATA pass percentage (98%) & high scores ( India’s top nata scores) through even a short term crash course.
  6. Aptoinn coaching methods are customized as per the student’s understanding levels & a intellectual approach in made through personnel care towards each student.
  7. Aptoinn Admissions : We take the maximum admission strength in Tamil nadu for NATA coaching where students travel from various parts of india to take admission in APTOINN and this is achieved not just through advertisements , but majorly through the words of mouth references by the current B.Arch students & best performing architects in the city who were initially seeded from APTOINN.
  8. Aptoinn always has a post-exam relation with the students not just till their B.Arch Admissions, but continuous even beyond it ,like aiding the students for good offices for Internships, Architecture software coaching & connecting the students to the practical industry for better knowledge & benefits.
  9. APTOINN always says, “ You have the will, we have the way”, come lets travel to the destination together.
  10. Apart from mere NATA coaching, APTOINN extends many aids to the aspiring students & parents as follows

Pre NATA exam aids:

1.      Counseling students & parents about scope of architecture

2.      Explaining the NATA 2017 Exam syllabus, application procedures & prerequisites

3.      Providing students with Apt book materials

4.      Providing students with drawing tools

5.      Providing free packages of model exams directly through APTOINN website.

             Post NATA exam Aids:

1.      Helping in applying to the state universities for Admissions

2.      Aids over selection of best architecture colleges as per the requisite of the individual .

3.      After the admissions in to B.Arch, architecture study coaching given to students aiming for excellence in architecture field as a student & professional.

4.      Professional training aids.

5.      Information about the competitions, seminars, coa proceedings, job opportunities, PG colleges & courses, LEED certifications etc  given.


Home work : Tambaram Branch - After Noon  batch  03.4.17

You may see the good works of the day in our branches page - tambaram.

How to read an Building?

1. Go thro' all the historical, Political & tourist famous buildings of karnataka,orissa,Madhya pradesh,Gujarat.

Sketching Home Work:

1.Make Ditto one point perspective view of Page 17 , 47 view in your Sketch note book.And do strictly use only steadler 2B & 4B pencils & do not use scale in perspective drawings.( it in Sketching book )

2.1.Using the tonal scale shades in page 265, shade the view in page 266 of APTOINN theory book ( Do it in Theory book itself)

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