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Tips & Tricks to Qualify the NATA Exam

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture or nata exam for architecture admissions is a common entrance test conducted for students interested in studying Architecture. The National Institute of Advanced studies in Architecture, New Delhi conducts this exam so that students are able to join a graduate level program. Almost all the universities at state level consider these scores for admission. Solving sample papers for nata is not an easy task and even when students practise well this examination remains tough. It is due to the fact that number of aspirants appearing for this exam increase each year.

A student aspiring to answer this examination needs to attend classes being conducted at nata coaching centres and study from nata study material to cover the entire syllabus. Listed below are some tips and tricks, which surely lead to success:

  • The first thing that you need to do is obtain the syllabus and go through it. Students can also refer the nata exam study guide to shortlist the necessary topics. Do not study the topics that are not mentioned in the syllabus as it is only a waste of time.
  • Keep improving your skills of drawing and sketching, since the first paper from the two NATA papers is a test for drawing ability. Keep practising regularly and if additional assistance is required join nata coaching classes.
  • Try avoiding the use of an eraser while making sketching. It makes the lines bold and they appear more confident.
  • Try to lay emphasis on detailing and creating human figures with feelings. It is a necessary to be skilled at sketching, since it is an important part of the Arch entrance exam.
  • Learn different styles of lettering and regular practice them as it is necessary to keep it handy.
  • You should practise with free online mock test for nata so that you are well acquainted with the format of the paper. There are no sample papers for the first part of the exam since the sketching topic can be easily varied.
  • The second paper is based on the criteria like observation, creativity, imaginative comprehension and expression, communication and imagination. These are skills that you posses naturally, you just need to work on it.
  • If you are living in Chennai then you can practice with the nata classes in Chennai and conduct necessary research so that you are able to choose the best NATA coaching centres in Chennai.
  • Always use premium quality pencils to practice and especially during the examinations.
  • When living in Chennai you should attend nata coaching classes in Chennai, in order to analyse which part of the paper is simple for you.
  • You should try to answer the entire paper and to accomplish this you need to know how to manage time to answer the entire paper.
  • There is no negative marking for the NATA examination, which is why you can answer all the questions in the second part of the paper even if you are not sue about the answers being correct.