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Tips to Score High Marks in NATA

Most students preparing for NATA assume that if you can draw you are definitely halfway through, however this is not true. Even though it is necessary for students to have sketching skills, all questions are not just concerned with it. Effects of shadow and light, sense of perspective drawing memory drawing, understanding scale and proportions and composing 3D elements are just of the topics that are covered by the questions asked in this examination. Thus, it is necessary for all aspiring individuals to develop these skills by answering sample papers of NATA.

Be creative

Creativity is a common trait however; most individuals take time to realize that they are creative and can use it to enhance any skill they have developed. There are numerous individuals who have tried to define it but have failed to since no definition seems to be universally acceptable. It is the ability to think out of the box or generate new ideas that are not conventional. Students need to be creative while preparing for NATA exam for architecture and they can direct this creativity by attending NATA coaching classes. An individual who is creative has a better insight to problem solving and takes birth daily with new ideas.

How to prepare for NATA exam?                  

In order to prepare for NATA search for the best ­­NATA coaching centres in Chennai. You might be skilled at sketching and making drawings however, these will be completely useless unless you are able to present your thoughts in the form of proper answers in the limited time you have. You might lose marks for questions that you are unable to answer within the given time period so start practising with NATA sample paper with answers and NATA online free mock test. Speedy work is important as the time is limited so start today with NATA mock test.

You need to go through previous NATA papers and solve up to 20 previous papers to be able to complete within assigned time limit. When you are answering these questions you should be able to fix a sequence through which you answer the paper comfortably. If you feel that you are unable to form any answer, stop, calm down, take a deep breath and then answer the question.

It is better if you prepare according to the exam standards, which is why you should use A4 size sheets for sketching since this is the size used during the examinations. Also do not mug up books especially GK books, however read news papers and NATA study material to be aware of any facts related to construction industry. You need to be more observant and also need to know famous architects and their popular works or contributions to the field of architecture by going through NATA question papers.

In order to clear b arch entrance exams you need to have compelling and deep reason to succeed in it. Motivate yourself with this reason and work enthusiastically so that you will be amazed with your creations.

By attending the best NATA coaching classes in Chennai you are bound to get the best NATA sample papers which guarantee success.