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Architecture Coaching Classes in Chennai

National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), test conducted for applicants who want to pursue their career in the field of architecture. NATA processing requires a series of test process. The test is mainly conducted to test the drawing an observation skills, sense of proportion, critical thinking and aesthetic sensitivity. NATA score are mandatory for students who want to take up architecture in colleges across the country.  Many coaching classes are offered for NATA exam. The highlights of the coaching centers are to offer special coaching to students. Coaching is offered by experienced college professors through power point presentations, outdoor sketching sessions and practicing architects. NATA coaching centers in Chennai offers crash course for IIT JEE, one month short term course, six months weekend course and one year weekend course.

NATA study materials are useful in preparing for architecture exams.  NATA reference material provided by online centers include NATA theory syllabus which comprises of architecture verbal and non-verbal. In addition to this they provide study and practice materials. NATA sample papers are useful for students for preparing for exams as it contains previous year question papers. NATA study materials cover portions which includes famous buildings, famous architects, building materials and components. The study material also contains previous year solved sketching questions with solved answers. NATA drawing test paper includes still life images, one point and two point perspective images, logos abstracts, and reference images.  NATA coaching classes Chennai offers room teaching course for a period in certain branches with specified timings.

Coaching will be provided by professional architects, professors from reputed colleges and experienced artists. In all NATA coaching centers students can directly interact with professors and can clarify their doubts. In all these coaching centers professional guidance about application processing, exam schedule, NATA scoring process, previous year question papers, admission procedures in architecture colleges, NATA cut-off marks were given. NATA examination is conducted every year across the country. NATA online free mock tests were given to students to test the level of understanding about the subject.  For online mock test different packages were offered. Online coaching methods include lively lectures by experienced faculties.

Future of architecture and its importance will be highlighted by professionals in the training centers. Personal attention is given to each and every student. The entire syllabus will be covered by the professionals within the given stipulated time in an efficient way covering the essentials of the topic.  Coaching offered by these coaching centers give an idea to the students to choose the best college available across the country. NATA coaching classes Chennai give overall guidelines to students about the architecture program starting from coaching to exam, they cover the entire process in an efficient way. Students can get direct interaction with professionals in order to clarify their doubts. Professionals in NATA coaching centers periodically monitor each student progress and give suggestions and they motivate the students to get a reasonable score to get admissions in architecture program. Periodic mock test help students to score good marks.

How to Choose the Best NATA Coaching Institution

NATA or National Aptitude Test in Architecture is an exam that one must pass in order to fulfil dreams of becoming an architect. Passing this prestigious exam proves exceptionally challenging for several aspirants. Since, every aspect of their observation skills, drawing skills, critical thinking abilities, sense of proportions, and aesthetic sensitivity with regards to architecture are measured.

NATA coaching is a must even for those who are confident about their skills, as they need expert guidance of teachers who are well versed with the problems aspirants face along with the solutions they require. Hence, regardless of the level of knowledge and skill a student possesses he/she must join nata coaching classes in Chennai to clear b arch entrance exams at the very first go.

Joining a NATA coaching institution does not ensure success because only joining the best nata coaching centres in Chennai combined with a student’s hard work results in success. So, given below is a guide which allows one to determine whether or not a NATA coaching institution is the absolute best.


The experience of the faculty members will determine how successful their students will become. Hence, the best nata coaching classes of Chennai will certainly comprise of the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who go out of their way to ensure comprehension of each subject and subtopic.

Additionally, older institutes which have decades of experience can be relied upon since they have delivered results in order to sustain and stay ahead of other institutes. The coaching classes which have become prestigious owing to their expertise and skill are undoubtedly the best, which is why NATA aspirants are advised to enrol in reputed institutes.


The best NATA coaching institute will motivate, educate and guide its students to achieve great results. Hence, such institutes present these results with pride and tremendous joy, as students and faculty members have both worked together to achieve success.

Great results of a majority of students also indicate that the courses designed, nata study material given and nata sample papers with answers provided, stem from extensive research and preparation. Both research and preparation are prerequisites for success, especially in terms of nata exam for architecture.

Institutes which fail to deliver great results will never promote them, therefore making choosing the best quite easy.

Comprehensive Instruction Techniques

The techniques employed for instruction must ensure comprehension and retention of every aspect learned. The top most institutes create a comprehensive strategy to impart knowledge and ascertain its retention. Students are advised to look into the curriculum prior to enrolling. Since, nata sample papers, study material and nata question papers should be part of it, apart from doubt clearing sessions and use of special motivational techniques.

Best Infrastructure

If the infrastructure of an institute is not up to the mark it cannot be a place for learning. Ultra modern technology and several resources to aid learning must be offered to students. Aspirants must be able to answer nata online free mock test at their institute and have access to sample paper of nata. A nata mock test allows students to evaluate their progress hence; students must be able to solve such tests at their institutes as well.

How to Pass Architecture Entrance Exam with Good Marks?

Architecture is the study of planning and designing buildings in unique way that suits modern lifestyle. It is considered as an excellent career for those who want to earn more money. As the demands for architects are increasing every year, many prefer to study this course in leading colleges and universities. National aptitude test in architecture shortly known as NATA is organized by reputed architecture institutions in India which ensures a bright future for students. On the other hand, it is necessary to qualify in the exam with good scores before seeking admission into a course. Students must seek guidance from leading coaching centers before taking the exam. Therefore, it is necessary to search for a top institute that offers excellent coaching to students.

Aptoinn is said to be one of the best NATA coaching centers in Chennai which fulfills the exact requirements of students who want to crack the entrance exam with high marks. Experienced teaching staffs will provide coaching for students to increase their skills. They help to understand the lessons easily with NATA study materials to achieve goals in the exam. The test packages range from basic to advanced levels and a student can select his/her course depending on the choices. Additionally, it imparts sound knowledge about the question & answer types with sample papers of NATA to get better ranks in the exam. Students will be able to rectify their mistakes in the classrooms by taking regular tests.

The institute is a right place for architecture entrance exam to choose a college or university in various states across India. NATA online free mock test that is conducted by Aptoinn is mainly designed for students who want to assess their skills quickly. It is possible to collect complete details about NATA coaching classes from the official website of the institute to choose a course without any difficulties. Another feature is that students can seek support from architecture college professors and practicing architects to clear the exam with better scores. It opens the gateway for those who want to excel in architecture entrance test. Instructions for enrolling into courses are available to crack b arch entrance exams with high scores and ranks.

It is an imperative one to have an idea about the NATA exam. Aptoinn fulfills the exact needs of students who want to start a bright feature in architecture sector. The institute aims in educating about the opportunities in both domestic and international countries to choose jobs with good packages. A student will be able to polish his /her talents at the time of attending NATA coaching classes in Chennai to attain success in the exam. Details about the syllabus and how to apply for the exam can be known from the teaching staffs to clear the exam in an easy manner. Test papers and model question papers are given to students to increase their abilities at the time of writing the exam. Intensive NATA exam training programs are also offered by the institute to gain more advantages.

Design your career in Architecture – NATA 2015

Dear parents and students, there is a bright future for students in the field of Architecture. Many believe that IT career alone provides a lot of opportunities. But, the aforesaid field offers equal opportunities.  You can send wards to prepare for the Architecture examination conducted at the national level every year.  We here at the coaching center prepare the students for the NATA 2015 examination.

We have a number training centers across the Chennai, a few in other parts of TamilNadu. We offer NATA coaching by helping the students with NATA sample papers. On the admission to this course a student gets the study material which includes all the required information about the NATA exam. We have very experienced faculty with lots of years in the field. We also offer an online training facility to students not from TamilNadu alone, but students from any part of India can join the course.

Here are some important points about NATA exam.

NATA is the National aptitude test in architecture (NATA).  Any student wants a seat in the architecture field required to take the examination. It is must for any student to take the NATA exam to gain entry into the B. Arch in any colleges or universities across India. There is a separate exam called JEE-B. Arch entrance exam for getting entry into NITs and IITs across India. The eligibility to appear for NATA exam is plus 2, and the student study under CBSE or state board pattern. The marks a student secure in the 10 and + 2 exams taken into consideration along with the marks scored in the NATA exam. The main aim of the exam is to test the skill of the student in the architecture field and the exam is based on the subject with a time limit of three hours. There are two parts; one is a NATA aesthetic sensitivity test for one hour and the second NATA drawing test for 2 hours.  The total marks in the exam are 200 and the exam is conducted in any date from 15 of March to 30 of June of every year.

When you join our institute for training, we offer study material and the related information about NATA.  There are several coaching times for the students depending upon their time to take the training. We also help the students with NATA sample papers, details about NATA examination. The training fees are affordable and we offer quality training to you.

About B. Arch Entrance

Entrance exam for the B. Arch is conducted separately by various colleges and universities across India. The eligibility is same as in the case of NATA exam.

NATA coaching classes in Chennai are conducted by various training centers.  They provide students with the study materials about the exam. They also conduct nata mock test, sample papers for NATA.  There are many architecture colleges in Chennai, which boasts many features and considered among best colleges in India to offer B. Arch course. You can also join the training course for a bright future.

Download Free Nata Sample Papers from Aptoinn

Aptoinn- is the one of the best training centers for students who prefers to join this course. There are many students who opt for IT career, after completing their school. But, Architecture offers more than IT field. Many students are not aware of this point. Though getting admission to B-Arch course is difficult on your own, but you can get admission by attending professional training institutions like us.

Aptoinn in earlier name was APT, which is the brainchild of seven young professionals, who have more than two decades of experience in the field.  They all come together to form this institution to spread awareness about architecture , career opportunities and development of creativity among students and parents. They conducted several meetings in school, colleges and universities and succeeded in spreading the message. Based on the feedback the formation of APT gets shape and starts giving training to students.

On knowing the importance of architecture parents decided to send their wards to attend coaching classes. From a small beginning the institution grown in a big tree and students came in large numbers and enrolled themselves for coaching. To get an entry into B,Arch, students have to appear for the entrance exam called NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture). On passing this test only students can get a seat in any of the college or university across India.

We in APTOINN, offer students on training on the entrance exam. We offer following special courses for students to prepare for the exam with a six month weekend course, one year weekend course, IIT-JEE, B-Arch single session crash course, 45 days of rigorous training session for nata coaching. We offer students with nata study materials, nata sample papers, nata sample papers with answers.

Our study materials include 10 days crisp NATA study book, NATA study material for one moth training session, Target course study materials for 100 days of NATA training. Our team has people with excellent track record in the field of architecture to train the students. Students undergone training from our institute has scored high marks in the NATA exam and got seats in the best engineering colleges and universities across India.

We also conduct exam for the students with nata model papers and test their knowledge through mock tests. We help the students with nata mock test papers free, nata sample papers free download. The mock test packages include beginner pack, Learner pack, Drill pack, high score pack, brilliant pack, sketch pack with the following fees 700, 1500, 2700,4100,12,000 and 999. Students have the freedom to select their learning program. We also offer students with NATA exam aesthetic sensitivity book, and NATA solved sketching questions. These give students firsthand information to the students about the NATA exam.

We provide students with one month NATA coaching with the required study materials and conduct online mock test. The 15 day crash course includes online mock test, books, live sketching and outdoor sessions. We have opened many training centers across Chennai and a few in major cities of TamilNadu and Pondy.  Students can contact more about by contacting our branches and by logging on to our website.

Importance of NATA Coaching Centre – Who should join

National aptitude test in architecture (NATA) is mainly meant for students who want to get admission into top most colleges or universities. It is necessary to clear the entrance test which is conducted by leading top architectural institutions. One should qualify in the exam with high scores to pursue B arch courses. Although there are several institutes which organize coaching programs, it is an imperative one to choose a right one for improving the skills while taking the exam. Students should make a complete research on NATA training institutes before choosing a course. This will help for achieving goals in the exam by meeting exact requirements. Anyone who wants to pass NATA entrance test with good scores should undergo proper coaching for developing the skills.

The NATA coaching centers in Chennai provide methods for getting high marks in the entrance test that help to start a bright career in architectural related sectors. They primarily focus on nurturing the talents step by step to obtain best results. Reviews about these centers can be known from online for getting ideas about the training programs in an easy manner. NATA coaching is a suitable one for seeking admission in renowned institutions across India. Expert teams will guide students to crack the test without any difficulties. Online NATA mock test that is offered by coaching centers make feasible ways to analyze the potentials of students in proper methods. Different types of packages are available for students to select a course depending on the budgets.

Some even offer NATA sample papers with answers to prepare for the entrance exam in an efficient manner. It is possible to download the application forms for the upcoming entrance test to get ideas quickly. A student will be able to learn lessons with NATA study material which involves both theory and practical solutions. In addition, students will be placed in prestigious colleges after qualifying in the entrance test. Besides that, they can be able to get jobs with high salaries in domestic and international countries. Architecture degrees also pave ways for becoming a successful entrepreneur to earn more income. Guidelines for downloading sample NATA sample papers are given to students to reach next levels in the entrance exam.

The primary aim of a NATA center is to create awareness among students who want to choose architecture as their career in life. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on developing the skills while taking the entrance test. In most cases, NATA training centers will fulfill the needs of students who want to pass the exam with better scores. B. arch entrance exam is intended to test the skills of students to pursue their degrees in well known institutions. Complete details about NATA syllabus and eligibility can be gathered from several websites to prepare for the exams in advance. Training centers open the gateways for students who want to pass exam with high scores. Special courses are also arranged by them in important locations to get major advantages.

Architecture as your Career from Aptoinn

Architecture is an interesting course to learn which provides excellent job opportunities both in domestic and international countries. The demands for architects are increasing day by day and you can choose this program to ensure a bright future. There are only few colleges that offer architecture degree courses in various locations across India. If you want to pursue architecture program, you must qualify in certain exams. National aptitude test in architecture shortly known as NATA is primarily meant for those who want to get admission into top most architecture colleges in India. It is necessary to have essential skill sets to pass this exam with good scores. There are many NATA coaching centers which provide guidelines to you while preparing for this entrance exam.

Aptoinn is a leading NATA coaching firm that gives directions for you to qualify in the entrance exam. The institute offers different types of packages to improve your potentials while taking the entrance test. It opens the gateways to fulfill your ambition in becoming an architect. With coaching programs, you can be able to crack the entrance test with better marks. NATA coaching classes in Chennai area suitable one for knowing ideas from expert teams at the time of writing the entrance test. They help to achieve your goals in architecture field by addressing exact needs. Complete details about the courses can be gathered from the official website of Aptoinn to choose a right one that exactly fit your budgets.

Nowadays, architecture degrees programs are offered by renowned institutions to become a successful entrepreneur. The B arch entrance exam is mainly conducted to test the intelligent levels and other potentials. Therefore, it is necessary to pass in this test when you apply for admissions in these institutions. Architecture course is a perfect choice if you are not interested in information technology and other engineering domain. Free Online NATA mock test helps to analyze your potentials to develop them in an effective manner.  You can pay your payments through online after selecting a course. Guidelines are given in simple steps to download the application forms and syllabus for upcoming NATA entrance exam. The NATA sample papers are ideal one for you to get ideas about the exam pattern easily.

Latest news and events about NATA exam and training can be collected from online to assure admission in top most colleges or universities. Aptoinn ensures guaranteed results after enrolling into a course. Special courses are also offered by the institute in important locations across India to increase the skills. The study materials involve both theory and sketching portfolios which enables you to clear the entrance test without any difficulties. As a student, you can explore more things with NATA coaching programs to start your career in architecture field. Seminars on architectural courses and their features are organized by the institute to make a right decision. You can purchase question papers and solutions for NATA exam to improve the skills efficiently. NATA training program enhances you to make entry into the architectural sector to get high salaries.