About B.Arch

About Bachelor Of Architecture (B.Arch.)

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The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) is a five year undergraduate program in Architecture, design and structure of building covering the sociological, systematic and environmental aspects. It is framed to satisfy the academic component of professional accreditation bodies, to be followed by a period of practical training prior to professional examination and registration. It is awarded for a course of study that lasts up to five years. In India, five year B.Arch course is offered by various schools in India. These schools are recognized by council of architecture (coa) and are affiliated to various Universities.



Architects are the magicians behind the magic ofaesthetically and beautifully designed buildings. A rapid economic development in the last few decades coupled with a breakneck pace of urbanization in India has led to an ever increasing demand for creating living spaces that are not only affordable but are aesthetically pleasing too. This real estate boom has imparted a special importance to the job of an architect.

                        An architect, while designing a structure has to balance a number of factors, ranging from the functional and technical to the aesthetics. This provides an opportunity to both- the artist and the scientist, to tap into their inner potential. It is up to the architect to convert his architectural design into reality and design it such that the structural aspects can be implemented practically.

Career in architecture is not only well paying but also gets the creative juices flowing. One needs to keep the requirements of the client or target of audience in mind and in the process mold each idea according to their needs and requirements.


  • The basic requirement for career in architecture completion of a five year undergraduate course after 10+2 with Math and English as mandatory subjects. Most colleges offering the B.Arch. (Bachelor in Architecture) course specify a cut-off of at least 50 percent in 10+2 for admission into their ranks. These architecture courses are recognized by the Council of Architecture (COA) and serve as a springboard for entry into this field.
  • However, to ensure a fruitful career as an architect, a B.Arch. might not be enough. This is where a Master's degree in architecture (M.Arch.) comes in. A Master's degree with a high level of specialization not only guarantees a job but also equips the degree holder with a considerable clout in the job market.


                                        In the beginning an architect can expect as much as Rs. 20,000 at the minimum. In about four to five years, expect anything from INR 50,000 to 60,000. The amount of investment in the sector seems to increasing with each passing day. The demand is expected to increase in next couple of decades as India is going to expand FDI in real estate and it will attract huge money from foreign companies. 








Although in the beginning of your career you would be expected to understand the practical aspects of being on the job and strike the right balance of listening to the client and coming out with a design both aesthetically and practically correct. You will have the option of working with construction companies, builders, independently, consultancies, and many other options as well.  



Civil VS Architect:

Both civil and architecture are involved in planning and designing structure. Civil engineers and architect may sometimes overlap each other’s work but a good relationship between two professions made the construction job effective and successful.

Even though civil engineers are involved in the design of the structure. The architect will initiate and create the design, including the shape of the development work then civil engineers professionals. The civil engineer will be responsible in finding suitable materials, suggesting modifications and alteration and evaluating the structural integrity to transform the architect’s vision into realization.

Life of an Architect Student:

First year:            


  •              It’s a colorful starting step of architect life, basic design,model making and art classes carves the brain to think creative
  • Development of single space design by minding the standards of human comforts level and effective design. Simply it’s a fun overloaded year among the five year.  



 Second year

            In this year we go for a rural study and designing a big project like schools, malls.. 

            Competition, symposium, case study, tours makes a good exposure for students.









Third year:


  • Here the projects and subject push the students to design a high rise buildings as well gaining knowledge about building services and norms for each typology of construction.













Fourth year:

  • It’s full of internship and practical training year
  • Lots and lots of site knowledge, client meeting,presentations work, project management and estimation.

Fifth year:

  • Thesis and urban design goes on this year







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