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    SIP – Space Inn Place Architects + Interior Designers is an Architectural consultancy firm based in Chennai.

    We are a dynamic and ambitious architecture firm with fifteen years of experience in various projects and constructions on apartments , individual villas, industrial, commercial, institutional and government buildings.

    We possess impeccable technical and software skills in completing a design project within the stipulated time period with excellent quality.

    Our attention to detail and problem solving skills ensure that every project we work on is done accurately and to the highest possible standard. We have an enthusiastic team of people to take care of all the aspects of civil and interior projects.


    We have done all types of Residences like independent bungalow, Farm Houses, Beach Houses, Twin House , Semi-Independent Villas , Interior Renovation & Conservation Projects .

    The Best Services Offered by SIP Architects.

    Our Philosophy

    “FREEDOM FROM THE KNOWN” - By J.Krishnamoorthy

    We have been living on what we have been told, either guided by our inclinations, our tendencies or compelled to accept by circumstances & environment. Hence to line our own life we have to liberate ourself from the above prejudices in a way Freedom from the Known.

    We can apply the same philosophy in the design Field.

    As Creativity is the most important human resource of all, without creativity there would be no progress and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.

    Construction is a planned activity but designing is not. Because if a designer approach a design with a pre-conceived idea, then that can’t be called as creativity. Hence, Creation is designing something new that doesn’t exist already. So, one need to find out how you can bring that “New” in to being & thereby be a playmate with god who designs every time a new one with repeated components.

    What is Architecture?

    Architecture is a Planned creative decision making for all problems related with space, form, function, program, climate & materials with their sequences & inter-connections.

    Who is an Good Architect?

    The architect who’s design is perfectly contextual with consideration to the socio-economic & cultural aspects along the human values, thereby giving a new experience & a ever green satisfaction to the stake holder & end users.

    What is Creativity?

    “Creativity is the process of evolution that is responsible for every Revolution”

    Creativity is a Process. . ,

    Our Creativity never ends until the process ends, the process never ends until the goal is achieved , the goal is never achieved until the client is satisfied.

    What is Vaasthu ?

    Vaasthu is an ancient Indian Belief of architecture and buildings which helps in making a hospitable setting or a place to live and work in a most serene way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness.

    Vaasthu considers the 8 predominant directions namely East, West, North, South , North-East , South – West, North West & South –East & The brahmasthanam in the central grid of the plot.

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About Us

We are one of the leading architecture & Interior design service providers in chennai operating for past several years. Our Consultancy is well known for creative elevations, vaasthu... more...

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